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Harness the power of Caché - the “best-kept secret of the software industry”

InterSystems' Caché is one of those niche technologies that Sillero has embraced to help provide great solutions for our customers.

"So what exactly is Caché?"

Well let InterSystems speak for itself:

InterSystems Caché® is a new generation of ultra-high-performance database technology. It combines an object database, high-performance SQL, and powerful multidimensional data access – all of which can simultaneously access the same data. Data is only described once in a single integrated data dictionary and is instantly available using all access methods. Caché provides levels of performance, scalability, rapid programming, and ease of use unattainable by relational technology.

But Caché is much more than a pure database technology. Caché includes an application server with advanced object programming capabilities, the ability to easily integrate with a wide variety of technologies, and an extremely high-performance runtime environment with unique data caching technology.

"That's nice - but when do you use it?"

As usual, we use appropriate technology for the solution. In the case of Caché, we consider it when any of the following apply:
  • The application is hosted within a corporate environment (LAN or Intranet)
  • The Internet-based application is large enough to justify its own hosted server
  • The application is likely to be scaled up rapidly, often to an unknown extent
  • The application is going to be deployed on a variety of platforms
  • High performance database access is required
  • Complex and fast data-retrieval is required
  • Only moderately-spec'ed hardware is available

Sillero has successfully designed, developed and deployed a number of applications using Caché.

Case Study

As an example, let's examine our latest Caché deployment. This application is used to capture, analyse and report on large volumes of television advertising market research data. This data includes importing large volumes of actual viewing details which needs to be indexed on a large number of properties to analyse various dimensions. Caché was chosen because:

  • Caché's high performance bit-mapped indices could be used for property indexing rather than using expensive data-warehousing software to meet the analasis requirements'
  • Because of the volumes of data, this application will have to scale up, but the customer wanted to do this gradually and not be tied down to a particular operating system platform
  • Caché's competitive pricing and low cost of ownership met the customer's budget
We also used Caché Zen web-application development technology to produce a very attractive, very usable web-application.

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