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Protect your investment - use web-application to lower the lifetime cost of ownership

Sillero specialises in producing web-based applications. These must be distinguished from websites, which are usually just electronic catalogues.

A web-application is an interactive application, very much like any desktop application, that runs within a web-browser. The application can run on the Internet, an Intranet or even on a stand-alone computer.

"But why would I want web-applications for my business operations?"

There are many advantages to this approach, amongst them:
  • Deployment of the application is just a matter of publicising the URL
  • Updates to the application are made in one place and all users immediately have access to the changes
  • The operating system of the client machine is irrelevant, as long as it can run a web-browser
  • Little or no disk space is required on the client machine
The lifetime cost savings in centralising the deployment of the application, particularly in a growth environment are usually substantial.

We have found that one of the biggest pluses is that we can quickly scale from a single user all the way through an Intranet-linked group of users to an Internet based application with many users from anywhere they happen to be. So we make sure that no matter how limited the scope of the application is, it will be e relatively simple task of scaling it up.

Of course, there are some disadvantages, such as:
  • Users could get used to watching the hourglass as data is moved up and down the wires
  • Security could be an issue
  • If connectivity goes down, so does your app

"So what do you do to get around the disadvantages?"

Well firstly, there are times when a web-application is the wrong technology - and that's why Sillero always carefully evaluates the best technology to use.

Secondly the disadvantages mentioned are greatly diminished or eliminated by proper use of technology. Let's take a look at some of these issues:

  • Developed properly, web-application can be every bit as fast as traditional client-server applications. The trick is to minimise trips to the server. This is done by browser caching using Javascript and background transfer of data using Ajax. We pay particular care to the efficiency of the browser based code to make a good, productive user experience.
  • Security is always an issue and is often not as stringent in client-server LAN-based applications as in Internet web-applications because the latter face real security threats. The fact is, application security should never be compromised, no matter how deployed. We use industry standard security, from user authentication to data encryption on all our applications, no matter where or how deployed.
  • Disconnection from the network carries no more risk with web-based application than on client-server applications - it's just a matter of the degree of distribution. And where the application is Internet-based, there is the added plus of the Internet itself never going down - just individual connections, that can always be re-routed.

Technologies used:

Sillero develop web-applications using the following frameworks and technologies:

  • .NET web-applications and SOAP services
  • PHP frameworks - especially Prado
  • Caché Zen
  • MS SQLServer
  • MySql
  • Caché Objects
We at Sillero always work with the customer to decide on the best set of technologies for any project. We have the range of skills and the depth of experience to design, build and deploy the right solution.

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